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Visiting circuit

Petrifying cave, volcanic springs, making workshops, petrification ladders...

Come and discover the master craftsman’s know-how within an unusual visit!

After a short incursion into the cave, you will stroll along the hot springs to the making workshops. There the secrets of aunique-of-is-kind artcraft have been preserved for 2 centuries. You will discover the craftsman’s ancestral know-how : the petrification craftsmanship. The Petrifying Fountain, with its amazing 14-meter-high waterfall will delight all your family. By the end of the visit, the calcium creations will not hold any secrets for you. You will be able to appreciate our wide range of low-reliefs and crystallizations.

The tour


Geology room

Explaining the connection between the volcanic upheavals and the petrifying springs

Go back in time through a scientific and educational approach


Petrifying cave

Subterranean immersion very near the geological phenomena

Marvel at the 52°C-hot springs


Filtering galery

Discovering the ingenious filtering method of the thermal mineral springs

Follow the surprising course of the volcanic waters


Making workshops

Unveiling the creation stages and secrets within the workshops

Comprehend the homemade know-how of our atelier


Espace vidéo

Projection sur les gestes ancestraux détenus par le Maître Artisan

Plongez au cœur des ateliers de fabrication

History room

Get to know the atelier's living heritage

Meet the 7 generations of seeking craftsmen

Galerie des 2 siècles

Circuit autour des personnages et des moments-clefs de la pétrification

Parcourez 200 ans d'histoire, de découvertes, de moments de partage...
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