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The haven in Venice


Dimensions : 32.5 x 29 cm
Type of support: Frame, Frame
Completing time: 12 months, 12 months

Between 1204 and 1453 Venice was at its apogee and used to control the Adriatic coasts and the Mediterranean routes.
That oval low-relief offers a view of Venice bay where a caravel is anchored beneath a large sky. Two worlds coexist on opposite water-separated shores.
Indeed, the lower left quarter of the picture is devoted to the nearby country people. A cask-full small boat is moored to the seaside where sheep, donkeys and oxen are grazing. Men and women are chatting by the fountain.

On the left, venitian-style building with narrow opening suggest the rich merchant city the port of which is protected by fortifications. The lighthouse marks the access to the bay.

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