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Couple of grape-pickers


Dimensions : 15 x 18 cm
Type of support: Frame, Frame
Completing time: 8 months, 8 months

Traditional representation of a couple of grape-pickers after Engraver C.F.Becker who signed his work in the lower left corner.

Husband and wife are posing before the Puy-de-Dôme. He carries a grape-full wicker-woven basket on his back and she carries a full-to-the brim basket of grapes on her head. On the right side their typical wine–grower house is visible, with the fermentation cellar at the basement and dwelling on the first floor. The man wears a large-brimmed hat, a shirt, a buttoned waistcoat, a jacket and his working trousers. His clogs have been repaired with a thin strap. The woman wears a tailed headdress, a corseted dress and a fine-pleated apron unveiling her dress and her strapped clogs. She has put a garland of grapes and vine leaves on her arm.

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