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Couple of country people


Dimensions : 15 x 18 cm
Type of support: Frame, Frame
Completing time: 8 months, 8 months

Traditional representation of Auvergne country people after Engraver C.F.Becker who signed his work in the lower left corner.

They wear typically 19th century garments and stand before the Puy de Dôme and the church of Orcines. The wife wears a blouse over which she has tied a headscarf, a large skirt covered by an apron and wooden clogs. She holds a basket of eggs and two cocks by their paws. Her husband wears a round hat, a sleeveless buttoned waistcoat under his jacket, breeches and gaiters covering his clogs. He holds a sculpted stick and his bundle slung across his shoulder and a curled-haired ewe whose head only is visible, hides behind him.

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